Burgess Microswitches

Burgess Microswitches


The Burgess brand has defined the standard for industrial sealed switch applications requiring high current and high mechanical robustness in adverse environmental conditions.

The Burgess® brand stands for innovative, robust solutions for industrial microswitches, from ultraminiature to metal-housed, the sealed microswitch is a our specialty. In demanding environments - wet, humid, or dusty, even the most sensitive signals can be switched reliably with Burgess® sealed switches.

Series BVM F1NS F1T
Category Forced Break Ultraminiature Ultraminiature
Differentiator Positive Force Action Small Size
IP54 rated
Small, High Power
IP54 rated
Potential Applications Commercial, general industrial, medical, security and safety Circuit breaker, commercial, appliances, industrial
automation, HVAC
Industrial, Safety, Medical,
Industrial automation
Ampere Rating 10 Amp 1 Amp 5 Amp
Voltage Rating 250 VAC 250 VAC 250 VAC
Circuitry Normally closed, SPST Change over, SPDT Change over, SPDT
Operating Force 16.2 -18.0 oz. 2.2 - 7.2 oz. 1.8 - 5.0 oz.
Actuation Options Plunger, roller, lever Plunger, lever, sim. Roller Plunger, lever
Terminal Options Faston PCB PCB
Contacts Silver Silver Gold Plate
Housing Glass reinforced nylon PA, Silicon Glass reinforced nylon
Sealed IP40 IP54 IP40
Agency Approvals ULS, CSA, ENEC None UL, CSA
Size 26 x 16 x 10.5 (mm) 16 x 6.5 x 6 (mm) 16 x 6 x 6.5 (mm)
Series F4T   V9N
Category Ultraminature   Metal Housed
Differentiator Small Size
High Power
  Robust Housing
High Power
IP67 Rated
Potential Applications Industrial automation, medical,
  Industrial, specialty vehicles, home appliances, general industrial
Ampere Rating 5 Amp   10 Amp
Voltage Rating 250 VAC   250 VAC
Circuitry Change over, SPDT   Change over, SPDT
Operating Force 2.2 -5.0 oz.   10.8 - 21.60 oz.
Actuation Options Plunger, lever, sim. Roller   Plunger, roller, reverse action
Terminal Options Solder   Pre-wired, M3 Screw
Contacts Silver or Gold Plate   Silver
Housing Glass reinforced nylon   Zinc diecasting
Sealed IP40   IP67
Agency Approvals UL, CSA   UL, CSA
Size 12.8 x 10 x 5 (mm)   42.3 x 28.1 x 16 (mm)
Series XP XT  
Category Door Switch Door Switch  
Differentiator Forced Double Break
Long Overtravel
Forced Double Break
Long Overtraval
Maintenance Overirde
Potential Applications Circuit break, commercial equipment, home appliances, industrial, security General industrial, medical, lighting, home applicance, commercial equipment  
Ampere Rating 16 Amp 16.5 Amp  
Voltage Rating 400 VAC 400 VAC  
Circuitry CO, NO, NC Normally Open, SPST  
Operating Force 6.2 -23.3 oz. 13.6 oz.  
Actuation Options Plunger, mushroom plunger Plunger, shrouded, key  
Terminal Options Faston Faston  
Contacts Silver Silver  
Housing Glass Reinforced Nylon Glass reinforced Polyester  
Sealed IP40 NO   
Agency Approvals UL,CSA, ENEC UL, cUL, CSA, ENEC  
Size 30 x 32 x 12 (mm) 30 x 32 x 12 (mm)  

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