BFM Series Relay From the Comus Group of Companies

Posted on Monday, June 29th, 2015

Comus International is proud to introduce the BFM series to our growing reed relay Menu. The new BFM series is a high reliability instrumentation grade relay for use in Instrumentation, automatic test equipment probe cards and load boards.

The new BFM series takes practical advantage of Comus’ vertical manufacturing capabilities. Our COTO Technology BV reed switch is used exclusively in every reed relay we make which allows for the lowest industry lead times, superior quality, stable contact resistance, and the very best in reed relay performance. 

The BFM series are industry standard footprint 1Form A and 1Form C potted relays with external metal shells to reduce magnetic interaction. The BFM relays also offer optional Electrostatic and Coaxial (50Ωimpedance) shields and are ideal for use in high frequency applications.

BFM Series Relays

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