New CotoMOSĀ® 139 Series 1 KV High Voltage Solid State Relay

Posted on Monday, April 13th, 2015

As part of Coto's continuing efforts to provide industry leading relay solutions we have released the new CotoMOS 139 Series High Voltage Configurable Solid State Relay. Our CotoMOS® 139 is a direct replacement for Panasonic AQV259 with higher current carrying capability and higher standard I/O breakdown voltages to meet EU standards!  


* Contact Form: 1A

* Load Voltage: 1000V Maximum

* Operation LED Current: 5.0mA Maximum

* Load Current: 50mA Maximum AC/DC

* On-Resistance: 75Ω Typical

* Low Off-State Leakage Current: 10μA Maximum

* I/O Breakdown Voltage: 3750Vrms Minimum

* Suffix - H for I/O Breakdown Voltage: 5000Vrms Minimum

Available in 6-pin through-hole and surface mount packages, the CotoMOS® Series 139 relays can be configured to switch 50mA AC/DC in A-Configuration, 70mA DC in B-Configuration and 90mA in C-Configuration.

CS139 SMD & CT139 Thru hole

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