NEW Coto Technology CotoMOS® Solid State Relays Designed for High Current

Posted on Friday, June 20th, 2014

Coto Technology has announced new additions to its CotoMOS® product line of solid state relays. Designed specifically for high current applications, the CotoMOS® CT124/CS124 and CT128/CS128 Series relays feature current switching capability to 3.5A and 4.5A with low on-resistance of 0.07 ohms and 0.05 ohms Max.

CotoMOS 124 and 128 series are available in both DIP and SMD packages

N. Kingstown, RI (USA)....Coto Technology, Inc. has announced the release of CT124/CS124 and CT128/CS128, two additions to their

CotoMOS® line of high current solid state relays. The CotoMOS® CS124 40V relays feature current switching capability to 3.5A with a low on-resistance of 0.07 ohms Max. The

CotoMOS® CS128 40V series relays feature industry leading current switching capability to 4.5A with a low on-resistance of 0.05 ohms Max.      

Designed for high current applications typical of Automatic Test, Instrumentation and Industrial Controls, the 124/128 Series relays may also offer an alternative solid state solution for selected 40V or lower Mercury relay applications requiring high current carrying capability. This new CotoMOS® family of solid state relays is a part of Coto's newest product line of professional-grade MOSFET relays, which provide a high performance, solid-state solution for applications requiring low input power, high signal to load isolation, and virtually unlimited life.  

The CotoMOS® CT124/CS124 and CT128/CS128 feature a 1A contact form and come in 6-pin through-hole or 6-pin surface mount packages.

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