Notice of Discontinuance of Coto Relay 9802 Series

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015

As part of normal product lifecycle review, Coto has concluded that the 9802 family of products should be obsoleted in favor of the 9814 family of products.  Coto developed and produced the 9814 as an extension of the 9802 family adding features and benefits that improve both performance and manufacturability.  The 9814 features an external shield to reduce magnetic interaction on high density boards, enhanced RF performance, and extends the life to over 3X the life of the standard 9802 for your ATE applications.  The benefits extend beyond performance to ease of use, as the footprint in the axial, gull wing, and J-bend configurations are exactly the same as the 9802, making this an easy conversion.  The datasheets for the 9814 family are readily available on our website:

Gull Wing Leads:
9802-05-00 migrate to 9814-05-00

J Leads:
9802-05-20 migrate to 9814-05-20

We will allow time for an orderly transition with both the 9802-05-00 and 9802-05-20 in stock to allow time for review and evaluation.

Samples are available.  Any questions please contact us.