NTC Thermistors, Thermistor Probes, Snap Action Thermostats, and Micro Temp Thermal Cutoffs.

Therm-O-Disc represents innovation in sensor and control development for the appliance, electronic and automotive industries. As the world's leading supplier of controls to the appliance industry, Therm-O-Disc offers a wide array of general and special-purpose products, including NTC Thermistors, Thermistor Probes, Snap Action Thermostats, and Micro Temp Thermal Cutoffs.  We do not supply repair or replacement parts to the public, please contact the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for replacement parts.

NTC Thermistors Bi-Metal Thermostats Thermal Cutoffs


NTC Thermistors

Axial Leaded +/- 10% Precision Axial Leaded +/-2% Packaged Probe +/- 1%
            1H103T- 10K ohms             P1H302T - 3K ohms ASN1H103J - 10K ohm +/- 5% AP03201 - 10K ohm plastic
            1H104T - 100K ohms             P1H103T - 10K ohms   ASN1H103K - 10K ohm +/- 10% 11J1H0194 - 10K ohm metal
                     P1H104T - 100K ohms    

Snap Action Bi-Metal Thermostat    

See our Video Introduction to 36T BiMetal Switches.  See our 36T Bimetal Disc Application Notes.

36T Ratings: 15 Amps @ 120 VAC, 10 Amps @ 250 VAC, normally closed and normally open designs, automatic reset, 1/4" x .032" (6.3mm x .8mm) quick connect blade terminals, surface mount. Switch tolerance +/- 5 degrees, 15 degree reset differential. Temperatures are in Celsius.

36T21 - Normally Closed - Open On Rise Thermostats

36T22 - Normally Open - Close On Rise Thermostats

Microtemp Thermal Cutoffs

Microtemp Thermal Cutoffs from Therm-O-Disc offer an accurate, reliable solution to the need for upper limit temperature protection. Know as a thermal fuse, thermal link, or TCO, the MICROTEMP thermal cutoff provides protection against overheating by interrupting an electrical circuit when operating temperatures exceed the rated temperature of the cutoff.

The operating principle of the thermal cutoff is a electrically nonconductive pellet that under normal operating temperatures will hold the spring loaded contacts closed. When a predetermined temperature is reached, the pellet melts, allowing the compression spring to relax. The trip then slides the contact away from the lead and the circuit is opened. After the thermal cutoff opens the circuit it must be replaced. These devices are often referred to as "one shot" thermal fuses. All temperatures are in Celsius.

G7F MicroTemp Thermal Cutoffs

Ratings: 5A @ 250 VAC, 30% smaller than the G4A & G5A

G4A MicroTemp Thermal Cutoffs

Ratings: 10A @ 250 VAC, 15A  @ 120 

G5A MicroTemp Thermal Cutoffs

Ratings: 20A @ 250 VAC, 25A  @ 120 VAC

G4A Packaged Ceramic Microtemp Thermal Cutoff

Ratings: 10A @250 VAC, 15A @ 120 VAC with a high temperature ceramic base.

TESTCO does not provide service parts to the general public. Consequently, to receive an exact replacement part you must contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Therm-O-Disc is a large manufacturer of bimetal thermostats, thermal fuses, and other devices. The majority of their products are custom made and proprietary for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's).  We offer some standard configurations, however, the user must determine the suitability of the control for their application, including the level of reliability required, and are solely responsible for the function of the end-use product.  These controls contain exposed electrical components and are not intended to withstand exposure to water or other environmental contaminants which can compromise insulating components. Such exposure may result in insulation breakdown and accompanying localized electrical heating. A control may remain permanently closed or open as a result of exposure to excessive mechanical, electrical, thermal, or environmental conditions or at normal end-of-life. If failure of the control to operate could result in personal injury or property damage, the user should incorporate supplemental system control features to achieve the desired level of reliability and safety.

There are no express warranties that extend beyond the description contained herein. Please review our Terms & Conditions before ordering.

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